An Ever​-​Changing Perspective

by From Another Planet

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An Ever-Changing Perspective is the debut full-length album by From Another Planet.


released June 5, 2015

Music written and performed by From Another Planet:

Michael Leone - Vocals, Lyrics
Nick Davisson - Guitar
Shayne DePugh - Guitar
Marcus White - Bass, Vocals
Jesse Mitten - Drums, Percussion

Engineering and editing by Jesse Mitten
Mixing and mastering by Jack Shirley
Additional editing by Nick Ingram
Photos by Matt Day
Layouts by Shayne DePugh



all rights reserved


From Another Planet Chillicothe, Ohio

Progressive metal with post-rock elements. Equal parts heavy and atmospheric. Located in central Ohio.


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Track Name: Remission
For years and years I searched for some kind of meaning.
Desperate and depressed, I was a sad sight to see.
It took me way too long to discover that I am in control.
I am the generator, the motivator.

Only I can decide my purpose,
and only I can navigate my way.

I will not be constrained by expectations others have of me,
instead I'll follow my own passions; work to realize my dreams.

But it wasn't always quite like this
and no matter how hard I try to avoid it,
the temptation will return.

Take your own life, you are nothing.
Your pain is permanent.

It appears with no warning, destroying my sanity:
self-hatred embodied, I must escape.

Fearing for my safety, I fled to the pen and paper
to explore the cause of my distress: my mind,
my own lonely frontier.
In the absence of love and without any direction
I looked deep into myself, not seeking hope, but seeking answers.
Answers that were nowhere to be found.
Why does this happen to me? It seems my mind is unsound.
How can I ever escape this emotion?

I was defeated
by my own introspection.

I had no one to run to,
nowhere to go.
Bound tightly in chains that I'd fashioned myself,
witless and weak, I knew no way out.

In a desperate bargain I begged for death to take me away.

It always returns.
It appears with no warning, destroying my sanity.
Self-hatred embodied, I must escape.

I must escape from the violent, self-consuming fantasy harbored inside.
I crave an outlet to explore my insanity,
I seek the tools to build a realized life.

I will share my perspective with the world.
This isn't for your sake, but rather my own:
in this expression I have found my home.

Paying my contribution to culture while
relieving myself of a deadly burden:
forging confidence where it was never found.

I have freed myself from the bondage,
I will walk where too few dare to tread.
One day I'll gaze upon my creations
and thank myself for never giving in.

I know this is all I have to give,
a small piece of myself that in my dreams will travel
far and wide to make its home inside
the minds of others who live in fear.

It seems I've found a solution.
I'll put an end to my suffering.

I'm no longer searching for my way out,
that battle's been fought and won, for now.
Instead I will only seek to better myself,
leaving nothing but love and hope behind when my time comes.

I'm no longer searching for my way out,
that battle's been fought and won, for now.
Track Name: Forge
Every action serves to forge our future,
so lets make it a bright one.

Mother Earth, who keeps us warm in her womb,
who has endured our abuse, will soon become our tomb.
We are content with our contempt
for anything not part of oneself:
empathy is often feigned, but never felt.
Often feigned, never felt.

Constant disappointment fuels my motivation,
humanity's failures comprise my education.

You will awaken to find yourself engulfed within the shadow of your limitless potential.
It's overwhelming, of course, to light this darkness with ambition
but to continue forth, we must relent our imposition
on our home, our planet.

Tell me how.
How do you continue to live without remorse?
Blind to the blight that we leave in our wake.
Yours is an empty mind, easily satisfied:
the herald of a cruel fate.

Before we solve the puzzle,
we must find its missing pieces.
Let us identify our failings
so we know where to find improvement.

As we begin to solve the puzzle,
we will unite familiar pieces.
A generation comes together,
our efforts ensure enduring changes.

Develop, Create;
Become, Sustain.

First we must develop into our own unique embodiment of sentience.
Then we'll use our bodies and minds to create the tools for society's betterment.
Our work has just begun.
We've become a force, educating the masses is the prime directive.
Our impact will grow, critical mass is met.
We have the momentum, now we must sustain it.

Tiny steps lead to greater strides,
commitment breeds progression.
But first you have to fucking stand up!

Make your move on your own volition.
No ground will be gained
until you've achieved autonomous motivation,
a sense of self-preservation.

Sustainability is so much more than a fashion statement.
We are the fleeting stewards, the lonely sentinels.
We must stand our watch
over humanity's immense potential.

Can you feel it?
Open your eyes and maybe you'll see it.
Can you feel it yet?
The obligation we share as members of this planet.

Consider this a call to arms,
each one of us was born into a war
opposed to those who seek to consume the world.

Those who were born before us consider themselves to be kings.
With an outdated inclination to hoard all they can gather within their grasp,
amassing personal fortunes with deplorable acts.

We'll hold ourselves to a higher standard, we refuse to bleed our nurturing mother dry.
Given strength, persistence, and discipline this is a war that we will win.
Gaining traction as we watch the elder generation die.

History is on our side,
our generation turns the tide.
History is on our side,
we will turn the tide.

It upsets me to know that even in the hearts of my peers,
human greed still shows.
We are not opposed. Reformation is here,
together we will grow.
Just as the river flows, we will carve out canyons,
we will smooth the stones.
So stake your claim or hold your pose:
we will awaken just the same if you choose to doze.

Can't you see that
we all have the means
to revive our dying world, bring it back from the brink.
There's no separating the root from the tree,
Start at the bottom. Start with 'me'.

Open up your eyes and see the waste that we live in.
Can we create a home from this prison?
A little conscious effort is all that it takes,
every change in routine serves to forge our new fate.

There's no separating the root from the tree.
Start at the bottom.
Start with 'me'.
Track Name: Release
I was only a child,
not quite four years of age,
when I discovered I was a force to be reckoned with.
An early memory; my introduction to rage.

There we were, my younger brother and I,
late afternoon, minds deep inside our imaginations.
A friendly skirmish, a playful fight
was turned sour with the release of my primal violence.

I sought an end to our struggle, brandishing a hand shovel:
the first weapon that I'd ever known.
My blood beginning to boil, I took this tool meant for soil
and I sent the dull blade into my sibling's back.
Then just for a moment, before guilt set in,
my mind was on fire experiencing sweet jubilee.

Is my bloodlust a simple product of human nature
or is it a manifestation of the anger seen in my father?
Regardless of its origin, I am the one responsible to reign it in.

It didn't take very long for me to see pain as the answer to my animosity.
A crude precursor to myself today, I was a boy overwrought and naive.

Details will remain hard to recover,
these half-repressed memories make my physically sick.
Unwittedly I'd become a master of terror,
seeking sick pleasure in the form of inflicting fear and anguish.

In the blink of an eye my conscience could abandon me,
spinning me into a fury the likes of which you've never seen.

Anger controls my behavior,
no respect for life.
Zero pity for those who stand against me,
no respect for life.

I have no love for the demon that hides in my skin.
He breathes with my lungs, lashes out with my limbs.

I've had enough, now I'll take my revenge.
Carving scars into his arm, I will make him repent.
The calm that followed is a feeling I'll never forget.
The pain I self-inflicted marked the very beginning,
a payment toward my demon's debt.

Ever since that moment,
my body demands something more from me.
I'm a slave to torment.

Luckily for me, the violence that I need comes in many varieties:
I explore it with lovers and pursue it using bloodsport.
I become a stranger, a cruel force when left without access to my sadistic outlet.
Feed me pain in my favorite form, follow me into the mosh pit!

Right here, right now
I'll spill blood with my brothers.

Right here, right now
I'll spill blood with my brothers.
Right here, right now
I'll spill blood with you.

Appeasing the demon with a steady supply of sweet agony,
I have eschewed my frightful tendency to bring unwanted harm to others.

Finally free.

Pain, please release me
from the rage that's made its home in my body.
Seduce me with your icy kiss,
reward me with your punishment, show me bliss.

Once filled with anger and hatred,
I blame only myself and my will to retain it.
I've found my release.
Rage is poison, pain is peace.
Track Name: Renewed
Confidence: a farce, a foolish concept,
or so I used to believe.
Inseparable from arrogance,
a crutch tailor-made for the weak.
A facade to hide oneself behind,
to employ it would be naive
to all my flaws, my faults, my shortcomings
which I chose to wear on my sleeve.

I can not be changed!

It was this attitude that brought me to my knees.
I relied on the opinions of strangers to shape my esteem,
appeasing others to the point of losing my identity.

But now I know I'm alone, no matter how crowded the room.
I find solace in the knowledge that I am my home.
Independent of your limits, I choose where I roam.

Confidence, a must, a vital asset
which I struggle daily to achieve
to remind myself I'm capable
of breathing life into my dreams.
A leap of faith that I have to make
to be the best man I can be.
I own my flaws, my faults, my shortcomings,
I won't let them define me.

I won't remain the same,
pride will no longer be a foreign concept to me.

Soon I'll be sitting on top of the world,
surrounded by friends yet all alone in my head.
I'll give only to give, no longer just to impress.
I won't need approval when I find self-respect.

Love yourself, 'cause at the end of the day you have nothing else.
Love yourself, 'cause at the end of the day you have no one else.
Track Name: Trailblazer
(Instrumental track)

The Road Not Taken,
by Robert Frost

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim
Because it was grassy and wanted wear,
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I kept the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.
Track Name: Pursuit
Abandon your fruitless pursuit.

Forever chasing after social status,
I can see where you've lost your way.
Gauging identity with petty trifles,
a contender in every rat race.

Wise eyes see through the veil.
Crude masks won't disguise greed.

You envy the wealthy,
lusting for their money,
sustaining the regime.

And so it goes and so it goes,
consumers continue to consume.

Now's the time to show your face,
tell me, how were you wound up in such a foolish embrace?

We're all wearing masks, even if we cant admit
its just a desperate attempt to control our own depiction.
We're all wearing masks, even if we can't admit
its just a desperate attempt to control.

We were born into this world as honest men
and as time elapsed we grew to manipulate.

We're nothing but actors standing upon each other's stages.
We all do what we need so we can get what we want, come on, just face it.
There's not a genuine bone in this room, we all just fake it.
But its alright, its fine, its okay because everybody's doing it.

If you really need to know the truth,
its that I pity you.
I pity you in disbelief.

Instead of working to be who you want to be,
you slave away
to gain the approval of strangers.

I think its far past time that you heard the truth.
But with my familiar voice,
I fear that my words may be lost.

You're far too preoccupied with concealing your flaws.
In your attempts to appear strong,
you show us all
you're unwilling to push ahead,
you're destined to crawl.

You're not going anywhere.
You're not going anywhere.
You're not going anywhere.
The path is littered with the judgement that you cannot shoulder.
You're not going anywhere
while in pursuit of American dreams.