Seasonal Affective

by From Another Planet

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released November 17, 2017

All music written and recorded by From Another Planet.

Michael Leone - Vocals, Lyrics
Nick Davisson - Guitar
Shayne DePugh - Guitar
Marcus White - Bass, Vocals
Jesse Mitten - Drums, Percussion

Engineered, mixed and mastered by Rob Endling at Bloodstone studies.
Cover photo taken by Matt Day.
Layout design by Shayne DePugh.


all rights reserved



From Another Planet Columbus, Ohio

Heavy progressive metal with melodic sensibilities and a flourish of post-rock atmosphere.

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Track Name: Someday We'll Have a Home
I have traveled far, I am well beyond your reach.
I have crossed the desert, climbed the mountains, swam the sea.
Your voice reduced to whispers from a speck along the beach,
yet still I hear you begging, pleading, calling out to me.

Your song is sweet, but I will pay no heed.
Your song may be sweet, but I will never heed.

The thought of rest is tempting, that much I will concede,
but my progress is unrepenting, my path you will not impede.

I stumble, stutter, lose my stride
No will left to carry on, adrift within the siren's song

It washes over me,
washes over me.

It washes over me,
tidal wave of complacency.
It washes over me,
comfort that I thought I'd never see.

Am I becoming weak?
Has comfort unchecked robbed my identity?

Complacency has led me here.
Unmoved by the act of failing,
terrified of being a failure.

Equating rest with weakness as if I am not mortal,
with expectations far too high, I break and start to crumble.

The weight begins to bear down on me,
dropped to my knees by anxiety.

Comfort: my greatest fear, realized.

To reach beyond my fears,
survive another year.
What else could I hope for?

Someday I'll have a home,
but for now the world is mine to roam.
This is what I live for!

To know that someone's here,
that there is nothing left to fear.
What else could you hope for?

Creating comfort all your own,
the foundation for a perfect home.
Is this what you live for?

Someday we'll have a home,
but for now the world is ours to roam.
This is what we live for!

Comfort as respite will not give rise to failure,
but comfort as a way of life is the cessation of our ambition.

Someday we'll have a home,
a place to call our own,
somewhere to lick our wounds.

But for now the world is ours to roam,
unturning stone after stone.
at least I won't be doing it alone.
Track Name: Seasonal Affective I: The Road to Nowhere
By force of habit, I've made myself sick.
This is what happens when my impulses go unchecked.
Powerless to stop it, at least in this frame of mind.
Untempered, disorganized.

Sitting on the couch getting high, doing nothing.
This scene is too familiar. Show me value, show me something.
Motivation gone, discipline nowhere to be seen.
Inspiration died, regression is routine.

As the sun retreats, my will is becoming weak.

Serotonin running low.
My branches barren, no leaves to show.
Melatonin overload.
Asleep in frosted earth, my roots refuse to grow.

Stay at home.
Squander time.
Be miserable.

Lay in bed.
Don't get up.
Waste away.

leading nowhere.

inner warfare.

Why can't I focus? I just...
Agh! This is hopeless.
I am weak.
Track Name: Seasonal Affective II: Collapse
Pass me by.
Leave me to die.
Lost in pursuit of the same wild goose,
a dream that won't be realized.

Fear and doubt consume me.
One by one,
I watch my friends surpass me.

The sun is setting upon my once-loved youth:
A land where light once shone, now dim 'neath crescent moon.
Old body void of desire, hunched near a waning fire.
Sullen eyes peer into the night, darkness impedes their sight.

Fixed gaze, unmoving:
a practice in futility.
My own undoing,
laid out for every eye to see.
(eye to see)

...laid out for every eye to see!

To live the life I've dreamed of is an urge I can't refuse,
but there just ain't no catchin' that ol' wild goose.
I'm growing old, losing steam, running out of luck:
success is well within my reach, I just don't have the guts.

I never thought I'd live to see the day
where my ambition runs thin, my psyche collapses.
With failure always looming in my way,
I set my gaze to the ground, ashamed to face it.

Hung about the neck is an albatross: my own potential.
Desperately I drag it, destined to be nonessential.

Destined to be nonessential.
Track Name: Seasonal Affective III: Onward We Dance
Widen perspective,
change the field of view.
Infinite, not isolated
a universal truth.

Deaf and dumb,
cold and numb.
Deaf and dumb,
cold and numb.

My spirits start to sink at the dawn of the season,
my will becomes weak, my mind devoid of all reason.
Lonely and sick, out of touch with the collective.
Winter is here, enter seasonal affective.

Lost in search of remedy, ears open to the melody.

Allow melody to join with the body,
seek security in choreography.
Slowly, surely, simply, purely,
rhythm steady, spirit ready.

Peel illusion back from reality.
Shed your old skin, cast off your identity.

Tiny fragments march in cadence,
our emotions instill dynamics.
Every piece essential to the grand performance.

We all dance
to the drumbeat.
Physics in motion:

We all sing,
we sing the same old songs.
our voices strong.

We're all woven
an intimate

In this knowledge I find relief:
no experience novel, nor pain unique.
Without fear, (without fear) I seek my destiny
as a single thread in life's grand tapestry.

Out on the horizon lies a mystery, my own potential.
Relentlessly, I'll chase it. Determined to find myself successful.

Onward we dance, into the distance.
Desperate for peace, faced with resistance.
Onward we dance, into the distance.
Finding our peace with patient persistence.

Onward we dance!
Onward we dance!

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